HIV and AIDS Policy


Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) is an organization involved in exploration of a range of minerals for the purpose of developing mines to extract, process and beneficiate the   minerals for the sustainable development of Zimbabwe. The HIV AIDS pandemic poses a serious threat on the human resources performance of its operations and the Corporation has come up with a policy to manage the negative effects of the condition.

The Corporation shall provide adequate care and support to the HIV positive employees, their spouses and dependents. In addition measures shall be taken to limit the spread of HIV in the work place and manage the negative impacts that HIV and AIDS have on the infected employees, spouses and their dependents.

The Corporation shall achieve its objectives by

  1.  Ensuring that the rights of employees who are HIV positive are protected and respected to eliminate any discrimination associated with the pandemic.
  2.  Enforcing compliance with the Labour relations (HIV and AIDS) Regulations SI 202 of 1998 in addition to other related legal requirements.
  3.  Inform all employees, spouses and dependents about the HIV and AIDS related problems as a way of increasing awareness.
  4. Putting in place measures to ensure that employees on HIV and AIDS treatment programs take the full treatment as prescribed for the program and participate in counselling and support services provided by the Corporation.
  5. The Corporation will do everything within its power to adopt any new measures that will further improve the health and wellness of HIV and AIDS infected members of the communities in which we operate.