Emerald Mining

Sandawanda Mine – Emeralds

The history of Sandawana dates back to 1955 when emeralds were first discovered. The mine changed hands over the years and currently ZMDC has a majority shareholding at Sandawana Mines. The mine consists of a number of emerald deposits including Ceres, Athene, Eros, Marmaid, Junc, Zeus, Atom, Plato, Vulcan among others. Emerald occurrences are situated in a contact zone of pegmatite and tremolite schist along the southern slope of Mweza. 

Sandawana has been an important producer of emeralds for 40 years. Production was suspended in 2011 due to loss of some traditional markets.

Sandawana Mine is located approximately 100 kilometres south of Zvishavane town in the Mberengwa District in the southern part of Zimbabwe. Sandawana emeralds are well known internationally for their splendid vivid green colour. The green colour is very attractive with striking dark rich green stones not only restricted to large stones but also to smaller stones with typically even colour distribution. The high chromium content in the Sandawana emeralds, imparts to them the intense green colour that enhances the quality of the gem.