Elvington Gold Mine on resuscitation drive

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation’s once Gold flagship, Elvington Gold Mine which closed after it collapsed in 2003 is getting back on its feet through treatment of sands. ZMDC owns Elvington Gold Mine 100% and before its collapse it used to produce an average of 40kg’s of Gold per month.

After the collapse and closure of the mine, the treatment of sands began.  This was discontinued in 2009 during the period of hyperinflation. In December 2010 treatment of sands resumed. Elvington has sand grading of about 0,84grams per tonne and currently the operation is at pilot plant stage and is now proceeding to large scale, with the open mind of pushing through 800 tonnes per day and treat about  20 000 tonnes of ore per month , aiming for a production of not less than 10kg’s of fine Gold per month

The aim of the sand treatment project is to see whether it is feasible to leach the sands. The mine is currently producing 2kg’s of fine Gold per month.

Sand treatment process is not labour intensive hence upon its successful conclusion will be able to generate excess funds that can be ploughed back into exploration.

According to the T.W.P Report after the collapse of the mine in 2004, the ore reserves at the mine shrunk from a high of 1,3 million to 340 000 tonnes hence there is need to carry out extensive exploration. There is need to carry out further exploration to find out  whether there are reserves left at the mine to justify underground mining.